Exclusive areas dedicated to the development of new security systems in line with criminal developments.

Advice and consultancy

Physical Security, Electronic Security, Information Security, Industrial Safety, Risk Management, etc.

In this security consulting service we offer:

  • Risk assessment and consulting process.
  • Design and implementation of security procedures.
  • Physical inspection of facilities, operations and procedures to ensure their integrity.
  • Evaluation of compliance with Occupational Health and Industrial Safety protocols.
  • Strict confidentiality in the development of the activities described above.

Security systems

We have extensive experience in the installation of electronic security equipment of the most prestigious brands worldwide.

  • We participate in the development and / or implementation of projects for CCTV systems (Closed Circuit TV), configuration and access to the internet via cell phone..
  • Panic button.
  • Motion Sensors.
  • System of digital intercoms and video intercoms for buildings and single-family homes.
  • Swing or sliding gate automation with long-range remote controls.
  • Covering and satisfying the needs of the commercial, industrial, residential and banking sectors System through which an exchange of information is carried out between the alarm system panel and the Central Monitoring Station.

The main advantage it offers is that it allows the events handled by the panel to be sent to the Central Station.

Auxiliary services

  • Services provided with a communication system that allow direct supervision of our staff, which is carried out every hour from our headquarters, 24 hours a day; also carried out in physical form, through daily visits to the different keys of our clients.

    Access assurance to:

    • Surveillance services with the highest qualification, training, supervision and strict selection and assurance processes.
    • Receptionists and communications operators specialized in security.VVVVVVVV
    • Integration of human, physical and technological resources supported by the deepest knowledge and information to generate efficient solutions with a preventive approach.
    • Support with highly trained immediate reaction teams.
    • Cost-efficient schemes that have guaranteed significant reductions in customer security budgets.
    • Experience in operation and control of security consoles, access controls and other technologies.
    • 24-hour Alarm Monitoring with Telephone Center for Emergencies.



Our services are designed to improve the performance of security teams by providing technical, regulatory knowledge and governance management experience to your organization.

  • Cybersecurity Strategy.
  • Risk management.
  • Information Privacy and Compliance.
  • Vulnerability scan.
  • Intrusion test.
  • Web Hacking – BackUp and SOC.

Your protection, our profession


We are a company specialized in the realization and execution of Security Systems projects. Quality of service and Technical Advice are our premises.


We have professionals with extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of Security Systems, in-depth knowledge of all security system technologies, a wide range of products from the main brands to offer security projects following the principles of providing customized solutions: Alarms, Video surveillance, Fire Detection, Anti-theft, Alarm Receiving Center and Systems Integration, Comprehensive Security, Cybersecurity.


With our experience in Security projects, you will find the optimal option to meet your security needs.

Our values


We are committed to providing excellent quality services by providing innovative solutions to our clients.


We promote honesty through open communication, strengthening the values ​​of ethics, loyalty and confidentiality, thereby generating trust with our clients.


Seeking excellence is our duty to our clients. We are responsible in the way we work and demanding in the services and products we offer, guaranteeing a high quality standard that we pass on to our clients.


We have a professional and dedicated team that acts fairly and honestly to meet the needs of our clients.